From Paulo Coelho’s Maktub

Life is like a great bike race, the goal of which is to live one’s own Personal Destiny.At the starting line, we are alltogether, sharing camaraderie and enthusiasm. But, as the racedevelops, the initial joy gives way to challenges: exhaustion,monotony, doubts as to one’s ability. We notice that some friends refuse to accept the challenges — they are still in the race, but only because they cannot stop in the middle of a road. There are many of them. They ride along with the support car, talk among themselves and complete the task.We find ourselves out distancing them; and then we have to confront solitude, the surprises around unfamiliar curves, problems with the bicycle. We wind up asking ourselves ifthe effort is worth it.

Yes, it is worth it. Don’t give up.


Trollstigen Road (taken from National Geographic Magazine)